Menopause Health Coach
An Integrative Mind/Body/Spiritual Approach to Optimal Health in Midlife

Sarah’s Mission

Providing the support and tools for you to transform your health and your life.

Empower Yourself Through Menopause

I offer health coaching to women in midlife, a time of huge transition for many women, myself included. 

Menopause offers women just as many challenges as it does opportunities to grow. We may be dealing with health issues like abdominal weight gain, hot flashes, anxiety, depression, brain fog, fatigue, vaginal dryness, and loss of libido. We may be redefining our roles as women, grieving what we no longer have, and wondering what comes next. We may be raising teenagers or caregiving our aging parents. It is not uncommon to be reevaluating your life’s purpose up to this point, and taking a good look at what lies ahead and behind you.

This time in a woman’s life can be very challenging, confusing and chaotic… but the challenges become the catalyst to asking questions and digging deeper. Yes, it’s essential to address the physical aspects of this transition, but we cannot miss out on an exploration of self-discovery and deep healing. This is the opportunity in the chaos.

What if we changed the script of what midlife brings?

What if we saw menopause as a spiritual awakening?

What if you envision yourself as radiant, vibrant, confident, wise

A time where you step into the most amazing version of yourself

I support every woman to claim her full potential and release any inhibitions to embracing the kind of life they want next. 

The most powerful lesson I learned through my spiritual growth is that each and every one of us deserves to have it all. It is our divine birthright to have perfect health, financial abundance, and loving committed relationships with ourselves and others. Somewhere along the line though, we forget this. There was a point in my life when I could not have considered such a wild reality. We can live our whole lives with unconscious core limiting beliefs that keep us stuck in our traumas and limitations. Sadly, if we don’t recognize these limitations, they can hold us back from truly stepping into our most amazing selves.  

I aim to help women find the beauty and wisdom where they are in life, and have the courage to make the changes they desire. I hope to inspire a new generation of women who honour and revere aging as a gift and point in life where abundance on every level is possible. 

I invite you to join me on this transformational journey where I help guide you back to yourself to a balanced here and now and a life of joy and fulfillment.



After my session with Sarah I felt hope and strength to take up a new direction in my life. Her ability to be present with you and tune in is uplifting and her deep understanding and guidance gave me the tools I needed to make a big healthy change. To this day I have more energy, feel healthy all around and feel good about myself. Sarah radiates warmth and compassion and is one of the most down to earth people that I know. I am deeply grateful. 


Sarah is a really great listener with so much patience!  She is able to drop in and hear what is underneath what is being said, which in turn help to uncover the gems that need to be explored. It is such a refreshing experience and it’s such a gift to be fully heard by someone. Thank you, Sarah!