Weight loss in menopause needs a different approach

Weight loss in menopause is multifaceted. We can’t rely on the old adage of “eat less, exercise more”. 

In fact, that does not work and it actually does the opposite!  So bye bye with starving yourself and exercising more. By the way, 99.999% of studies around exercise are based on young male physiology and menopausal women are a different species altogether than a 20 year old male. 

Get the picture?

It is not about starving yourself and running til you drop. It’s not about counting calories and restrictions. 

Let’s focus on bringing joy into your life. Nourish your body. Take luxurious care of yourself and put yourself first.

Sounds amazing, right!!

Is this you?

​You can’t stop thinking of your weight gain.

You are frustrated that none of your clothes fit and you really don’t want to buy a whole new wardrobe.

You are disappointed in yourself.

You feel lazy, stupid, out of control.

You feel like you’ve done it all wrong and it’s all your fault that you’ve gained weight in menopause.

You feel you need to eat less and exercise more, but you don’t, so you berate yourself and feel bad.

You are not alone

Research suggests that over 80% of women in their transition to menopause gain weight.

Most of that weight is around the middle.​

I’ve been there

It felt like I gained 15-20lbs overnight. I went to put on my fav jeans that were the most comfortable pair of jeans, ever. And guess what? They wouldn’t fit. Not only that, but I could hardly zip up the zipper and the amount of belly fat that was creeping over the top was more than terrifying. I had no idea this was even possible.

The solution

That was when I knew I had to find some answers. I dug deep into researching how weight gain happens in menopause and then put what I knew to the test. I was very motivated to improve my health. 

You see, weight gain around the middle is a cause of inflammation in the body and this increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke risk, heart attack risk, dementia and Alzheimers, to name a few.

That’s why I designed a program to give you the same type of support and lead you through a process that has helped me lose the menopause weight.

Work with me

The steps are manageable and my focus is on nourishing and replenishing.

I like to focus on pleasure, not on restrictions.

It is not about starving yourself on some crazy, low cal diet.

It is about discovering why you are gaining weight and making changes that keep the weight off and help optimize your health in your 40’s, 50’s and beyond.

It goes far beyond weight loss.

The program helps improve cardiovascular health, bone health (to help prevent osteoporosis), gut health, liver health, brain health and sexual health.

A lot of women are really struggling with weight gain in menopause and it has a huge impact on their life.

It is a red flag that needs to be addressed.


Feeling more confident

Having more energy

Eating food without stressing about calories

Focusing on pleasure and not restrictions

Being able to fit into your clothes without having to buy a new wardrobe

Developing a loving relationship with your body

This is designed for you

This program is different because it’s designed to fix the underlying cause BEHIND your weight gain.

You start to feel more healthy and therefore want to make healthier choices because you feel so good.

I can tell you that my study and research has helped me in my journey with menopausal weight.

I have been able to lose the majority of the menopausal weight and now I can fit into my all time favorite pair of jeans. 

That is cause for a celebration… and it just keeps getting better.

​It is possible to lose the menopausal weight when you have the knowledge, support, and accountability to move you towards your goals. 


Put yourself first. You are so worth it.

Yes, you can lose menopause weight


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