Meet Sarah:

I have always been drawn to the mystical and the belief in a power much greater than ourselves. You may call that power God, Universe, Source, Creator, or Ultimate Being. Whatever resonates with you is yours to claim, but I believe it is the same source. I trust that everything in my life has happened to bring me to where I am today.

My first steps on my path began a 20 + year career as a cancer Radiation Therapist, which further inspired me to study health and healing in other realms. My passion for studying the mind-body-spirit connection led me to certify as a Level 3 Reiki practitioner, and I later became a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Bowen Therapist.

When we address the body’s natural healing ability through the power of the mind and our thoughts, we get to the root cause of all our diseases. Little did I know that many years later, I would be utilizing all of these modalities to heal and grow in my own life.

Living and working from the beautiful Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, I continued to offer my services, but personally, I entered midlife struggling with my husband’s alcohol-use disorder (AUD). It was a chaotic period of my life that drew me deeper into my expansion and ability to take a close look at my own healing. It is most often through our pain that we seek to heal, change and grow. I attracted the right support and teachers I needed which led to healing myself and my family. Like anything, it took time and commitment to really look within and rewire some of the beliefs and stories that were limiting my life and reality.

The spiritual principles I developed were a compass for me during the hard times and always brought me back to gratitude and balance. My quest led me to my spiritual teacher who introduced me to “A Course In Miracles” and to consciousness. This is where I took a 180-degree shift and the trajectory of my life and of my family began to miraculously change. Years later, I was accepted and certified through a coaching/mentoring program with Marianne Williamson and became the Miracle Minded Coach I am today. 

What I aim to reflect back to women is a trust that they are EXACTLY where they need to be. The universe is an abundant source of energy and always has your back, divinely guiding you towards your ultimate growth.

From my heart to yours.

Much love,


When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.

Viktor Frankl

Thank you so much for your care and support during my journey. I admire your intuitive empathy and your ability to be present. Sarah, you just have a gift of making everything better.